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  • Salt food in bags on 50 kg
Salt food in bags on 50 kg
  • Salt food in bags on 50 kg

Salt food in bags on 50 kg

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Food salt is a food product which represents ground crystals of chloride of sodium which use in the course of production of food. Food salt is, first of all, general name of one group of foodstuff, each of which possesses similar characteristics, and also flavoring or consumer parameters. As already earlier it was noted chloride of sodium which defines special properties of a product is a part of food salt.

Composition of food salt

Quite often other ingredients, but also food additives also are a part of food salt. For example, there is a garlick or spicy food salt. as a part of such products besides the salt will be flavoring fragrances identical to tastes of natural products contain. Food salt contains in composition of various mixes of seasonings or spices. Distinctive flavoring and consumer properties of food salt do this product incredibly important for cookery and food branch in general.

Food salt is an important component which is required for normal activity of a human body. Besides, unique properties of salt are necessary not only to people, but also all living beings. Food salt helps with production of hydrochloric acid. Physicians established standard daily rates of consumption of food salt for normal functioning of all life support systems of the person. It is considered that daily adult and healthy person has to consume up to 15 grams of food salt.

Information is up-to-date: 13.02.2018

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